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Requiem Venue Storyteller: moc.liamg|meiuqerredluob#moc.liamg|meiuqerredluob - Cory Williamsen
Lost Venue Storyteller: moc.liamg|tstsolrevned#moc.liamg|tstsolrevned - Conor Sexton
Awakening Venue Storyteller: N/A
Forsaken Venue Storyteller: N/A
Geist Venue Storyteller: N/A

Domain Storyteller: moc.liamg|enicidemwodahs#moc.liamg|enicidemwodahs - Dave Eccles
Regional Storyteller: moc.liamg|alliramactsrcn#moc.liamg|alliramactsrcn - Kenny Cole

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