Description: Airplanes roar overhead almost constantly in this hub of national and international transit. A forest of blinking lights stretches to the horizon along a massive, artificial plateau under the shadow of the control towers. Outside, the whole place stinks of jet exhaust.
Within, the airport is reasonably modern, though parts of it, here and there, look as though they haven’t been cosmetically modernized in 10 or even 20 years. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, from all of over the world, are constantly coming and going, speaking a dozen different tongues, too busy to take it all in.

In Play: The airport may well be the single most potent resource in the city, in addition to being the most closely scrutinized. The characters’ duty is to simply keep the airport as “neutral ground,” in which no Kindred might meddle (thus threatening the city’s well-being, as well as chancing observation by kine government.)

Physical: Access +2, Safety +4. The airport can be reached in any of a half-dozen ways and has a security force, local police and federal agents on hand. These days, though, access is only easy for people with picture IDs and a lot of patience.

Mental: Information +3, Awareness +4. Wireless Internet is available in every waiting area, and bored people waiting for a flight are more than willing to chat. A paranoid atmosphere keeps the security on a constant state of alert, both in person and through CCTV systems.

Social: Prestige –1, Stability +2. The housing around the airport is somewhat lower class, but it’s a tight family neighborhood. A disturbance in the area gets people banding together to help.

Haven Qualities: Location up to 2, Security up to 5,
Size 1 max. Havening in or around the airport makes feeding difficult, given the constant scrutiny, but it makes for highly secure housing, provided one can deal with the cramped conditions.

Bus Station
Description: The smell of stale diesel fumes is omnipresent, along with that of festering garbage from overflowing trashcans. There is a distinct undercurrent of the pungent odor of human sweat and urine. The ground is littered with broken glass, cigarette butts, syringes and other detritus. Expansive concrete shelters, almost completely covered in graffiti, provide deep shadows in which the homeless sleep, while the occasional addict shoots up, or a prostitute services a john. Buses, however, are nowhere in sight at this late hour.

In Play: The character is commanded to clean up the neighborhood, but not too much. Enough to encourage the transportation authority to run the buses into the early morning hours (so as to stimulate the nightlife in the fields), but not so clean as to drive away the destitute and downtrodden upon whom the local Kindred can readily feed.

Physical: Access +4, Safety –3. The station is a plaza, at the hub of all of the city’s bus routes, an area populated at night largely by the criminally desperate.

Mental: Information –1, Awareness –3. The whole neighborhood is covered in flyers, but the majority of them are weeks or months out of date, while most of the locals are willfully oblivious to nearly everything, keeping their eyes down to avoid inviting contact with strangers.

Social: Prestige –3, Stability –3. Folks assume that everyone from this area is a pimp, crack whore or homeless lunatic who’d step over a dying man before offering to help him. For the most part, they’re right.

Haven Qualities: Location 5, Security 1, Size 1. There’s plenty of feeding to be had, but precious little secure space.

City Courts
Description: This beige marble structure vaguely evokes a sense of Classical architecture, married to early 20th-century aesthetics. One of the two lamps standing watch over the stairway leading into the court is burnt out, and only half of the other streetlights are in working order. Within, the beige gives way to ivory white marble, accented by Art Deco sensibilities. A clerk of the court wanders by, rather unsubtly straightening her skirt as she quietly speaks into a digital recorder.

In Play: Occasionally, those useful to the city’s Kindred regime pass through the court, usually in the role of defendant. The character is required at these times to keep an eye out for judges who prove themselves unfavorable to that regime, bailiffs who treat them roughly, lawyers who defend them poorly and the like. The character merely has to pass these names along to the Seneschal and pay no mind to whatever might happen to the worst offenders at the Prince’s convenience.

Physical: Access +2, Safety +3. Public transportation makes frequent stops around the plaza on which the court, the center of the city’s law, is located.

Mental: Information +4, Awareness +4. There is very little that can’t been researched, seen or otherwise known here. Newspapers are plentiful. Conversations and crowded hallways make eavesdropping surprisingly easy. But people are always on the lookout here, whether security guards watching for trouble, overwhelmed visitors trying to find traffic court or career-minded young
lawyers looking for their big break.

Social: Prestige +2, Stability +4. The area around the city courts is affluent and benefits from a placid, lawabiding (at least on the premises) populace. Housing consists mostly of private high-rise condos with doormen and buzzers.

Haven Qualities: Location 1, Security 3, Size 2. Hunting is difficult here at night (everything closes down around 6 P.M.), housing is generally of modest size, considering its exorbitant price, and the area is remarkably secure.

City Hall
Description: A broad, two story dark gray brick structure built on a low rise, this City Hall building appears to have been built sometime within the past 20 years or so. A wide, cobbled lane, bounded by flowerbeds, ascends a path through the grass in front of
the hall, leading directly to the front stairway. What can be glimpsed through the locked double doors of the décor is modern and tasteful.

In Play: The character is assigned to watch over a seemingly unimportant bureaucrat employed at City Hall when her duties bring her back there at odd hours of the night. She need only look in on the area every so often and inform the Sheriff if more than a week goes by without one of her nocturnal visits to the area. He is specially instructed that if he should ever encounter her in trouble, he is to take action to help her out without revealing the truth of his nature.

Physical: Access +4, Safety +1. City Hall sits at the intersections of some of the busiest streets in town. Bus stops, subways stations and cab stands are all over the area. The sidewalks here are actually meant to be walked on.

Mental: Information +3, Awareness +3. City Hall has a great many informational resources at its disposal, as well as vigilant security.

Social: Prestige +1, Stability +1. The neighborhood in which City Hall is located is decent, though there is little real sense of community here. Jobs at City Hall are sometimes prestigious, though (Prestige +2), and having an office here can be a big deal (Prestige +3 or more).

Haven Qualities: Location 2, Security 3, Size 2. Good sized and secure havens are available to those vampires who don’t mind ranging a bit for their sustenance. Buildings in the area include lots of turn-of-the-century rehabs with forgotten rooms, abandoned floors and isolated sub-basements. Modern office technology and budget cuts have left many office buildings half-empty in the area.

Description: This elegant early 20th-century hotel only shows its age in the most superficial of ways. Great care has clearly gone into preserving its beauty. Within, everything is marble, brass, mahogany and crystal. Massive chandeliers provide most of the illumination in the foyer, and in the ballrooms and function rooms. The staff is courteous and attentive, garbed in black formalwear or else dark red uniforms. Artfully placed and manicured plants liven the atmosphere.

In Play: To be granted control of an Elysium is a prestigious duty, indeed. Important functionaries of the hotel have been placed in thrall to ranking members of the local court, so the character’s duty is simply to maintain the place and to be certain that all Kindred visiting come and go in peace and safety. (And, secretly, to make sure thralls stay loyal to their masters.)

Physical: Access +2, Safety +4. Elysium is accessible by a variety of inconspicuous means and the Kindred ensure that its grounds and immediate vicinity are considered sacrosanct by the Damned and protected from ignorant kine.

Mental: Information +2, Awareness –2. There are respectable informational resources on hand at the Elysium hotel, from newspapers and television news channels to helpful staff. That same staff, however, has long been conditioned to pay no heed to that which does not concern them.

Social: Prestige +3, Stability +4. Elysium is located in surroundings deliberately cultivated by the Kindred to be wealthy and prestigious, as well as safe and lawful.

Haven Qualities: Location 4, Security 2, Size up to 2. Rooms can be had in the hotel itself and there are more than a few permanent residents. Although feeding is easy to come by, there is little in the way of private security (a resident vampire must trust the building’s staff to protect him) and only modestly sized suites are available in any sun-proof capacity.

Description: This building towers at four imposing, stone-faced stories. A worn granite staircase leads to the age-darkened wooden double doors. In addition to the main body of the library, three wings branch off the structure. By day, the tall trees on the grass that surrounds the library offer shade to those who might enjoy a book outdoors, under their boughs. At this hour, however, they serve to inhibit the already somewhat sparse lighting in the area.

In Play: The library is contested territory in the city, vied for by both the Lancea Sanctum and the Ordo Dracul. The character is granted the domain, but is required to keep the peace between the two factions and to ensure that both have equal access to the library’s resources (equal enough, at any rate, that neither side can legitimately complain).

Physical: Access +2 Safety +1. The library sits on a popular college campus and is frequently patrolled by its own police force.

Mental: Information +4, Awareness –1. While there is a great deal of knowledge to be gleaned at the library, its layout and poor lighting scheme somewhat impede visibility in the area.

Social: Prestige +1, Stability +1. The library’s neighborhood is a good one, and there are usually few problems here.

Haven Qualities: Location 3, Security 3, Size 2. While large havens are few and far between here, the college campus makes for a resilient herd, and safe accommodations are rather easy to come by.

Medical Center
Description: This structure appears to be quite modern: a tall, narrow building faced with reflective black marble. The center’s name is spelled out in large gold block lettering over the automated sliding double doors. In the waiting area, leather-upholstered chairs and couches are arranged around bookcases and glass-topped coffee tables, and a secretary sits behind a long black counter, tapping away at a keyboard, even as she offers a friendly greeting.

In Play: The character is responsible for keeping an eye on any medical records that might lead an enterprising employee at the center to begin looking into the causes of patients treated for the occasional indiscrete (or botched) feeding. With access to these records, the character is expected to compromise or “lose” particularly dangerous files when needed (whether hard copies or information stored on the center’s network).

Physical: Access +3, Safety +3. This is a readily accessible building in a good part of town.

Mental: Information +3, Awareness +3. The center offers prodigious informational resources and is closely monitored by an attentive staff.

Social: Prestige +2, Stability +2. The center is located in an upscale neighborhood, and the people there intend to keep it that way.

Haven Qualities: Location 3, Security 5, Size 2. The medical center has a few hidden spaces, all of which are extremely secure, and offers ready access to feeding for those with a sense of subtlety.

Mercantile Sector I
Description: The old meatpacking plants have been refurbished as lofts, but over half of the brick-faced businesses to be found here are markets, a handful of which are open well into the late hours. The smell of open-air produce stands lingers along the main boulevard. In a small park, across the street, two elderly men play a game of chess, while a younger crowd bustles along.

In Play: A powerful local Gangrel has kept his hands in the affairs of this neighborhood for quite some time. He holds considerable influence over three of the families that own profitable markets here. The character is to wrest that control from him, without endangering the Masquerade and, preferably, without alerting him to the situation until it’s too late for him to do anything about it.

Physical: Access +2, Safety +1. The mercantile sectoris easily reached by car, train or bus, and little violentcrime happens here.

Mental: Information +1, Awareness +1. There is ahigh school and a library in the neighborhood, which is well lit, even on the darkest night, and laid out for a fair degree of visibility.

Social: Prestige +1, Stability +3. This part of town is pleasant and respectable, and the community is a close one.

Haven Qualities: Location 4, Security 3, Size 2. Sizable housing is scarce, but feeding is plentiful and havens here are often quite safe.

Mercantile Sector II
Description: Aging brownstone buildings, some quite sizable, sit side-by-side with slightly more modern architecture here. Boutique stores line the streets, though nearly a quarter of the shops are bookstores, newsstands, stationers and other businesses devoted to the publishing industry. This neighborhood is a trendy one, with 20- and 30-somethings walking to clubs and restaurants, eager to
fritter away some hard-earned cash.

In Play: A reclusive Dragon makes her haven here, though she has never sought to claim domain over the neighborhood. The character is tasked with convicing her to part with certain tomes from her extensive personal library. The books in question are rare to the point of uniqueness, and most of them are quite old. Doubtless, she will prove difficult to persuade.

Physical: Access +2, Safety –1. Easily accessed, this neighborhood nevertheless has slightly more than its fair share of assaults and muggings.

Mental: Information +3, Awareness –1. There is a great deal on information to be had here, through various media, but the people are a bit oblivious.

Social: Prestige +1, Stability +1. While not upscale, the neighborhood is popular with the youth, and there is a feel of community here.

Haven Qualities: Location 4, Security 2, Size 3. Feeding is plentiful in the mercantile sector, as are decently sized and reasonably safe havens.

Description: The structure before you is a sprawling, single-story building, faced in dark stone. The tall, narrow windows are covered by steel mesh, painted black. Only one window is lit; other than the vestibule and waiting area, the rest of the place appears tobe dark. Within, there is a smell reminiscent of faint rot and chemicals, as well as a sickly sweet aroma of flowery perfume. Dark doorways yawn in shadowed corridors, and the dim lighting seems to die at the threshold. At the end of the hall, a stairway descends into the sublevels.

In Play: The character is tasked with making things run smoothly for one of the nightshift coroners, who happens to be a necrophiliac. Ill socialized and with a disturbing demeanor, he is being groomed for Embrace by a local Sanctified Haunt. Until that night comes, however, the coroner’s proclivities must be kept secret and protected from any mortal scrutiny.

Physical: Access +2, Safety +2. The morgue isn’t in an out-of-the-way locale, and the neighborhood is safe.

Mental: Information +3, Awareness –2. The libraries and computers here are all very good, but the premises are nowhere near as carefully monitored as they should be — almost as though someone deliberately deflects any scrutiny cast upon the place.

Social: Prestige +2, Stability +1. The neighborhood’s a good one, but apathy and inertia, rather than any real sense of unity, hold the locals together.

Haven Qualities: Location 3, Security 3, Size 3. Any local haven, whether in or around the morgue itself, is apt to be spacious and secure, with ready access to feeding.

Nobility Hill I
Description: This prestigious neighborhood looks down upon the rest of the city from a series of high hills. Most of the homes here are expansive Tudor-style manor houses, though there are a few examples of more modern styles, as well. The area is quiet, and save for a few lights on in windows, here and there, the locals seem to be asleep.

In Play: A number of powerful and useful kine dwell in this area. The character’s duty is to occasionally look in on them and, when needed, act as an intermediary (either personally or via Retainers) through which their bribes and other favors can be moved, facilitating the Kindred influence over the city.

Physical: Access –2, Safety +3. Winding roads, high hills and a lack of local points of interest serve to keep out the hoi polloi, but the police are quick to respond to the rare incident here.

Mental: Information +1, Awareness +1. While affluent, the people here are only marginally well informed and tend to assume that they are safe and secure.

Social: Prestige +4, Stability +3. Those who live in this wealthy, law-abiding community are envied by many.

Haven Qualities: Location 2, Security 4, Size 4. While hunting is a bit of a chore here, havens tend to be large and defensible.

Police Department
Description: This building has seen better days. The brick façade is old and in need of repair in a few places, while one broken window on the second floor is covered over with clear plastic sheeting and duct tape. Inside, sepia-tone marble and pale wood paneling serve to give the whole place an appearance of faded dignity. Most of the amenities look as though they haven’t been
updated or adequately maintained for 30 or so years. Police shuffle along, halfway oblivious, performing their nightly routines.

In Play: In the basement, there is a closet, to which the character is given a key and commanded never to use it. In fact, no one is ever supposed to open that door, and the character is placed in charge of making certain that it stays shut, by any means that won’t draw undue attention from the potentially dozens of police working upstairs at any given time.

Physical: Access +1, Safety +3. The station is on a side street, in a slightly out-of-the-way location, but a bus passes right by it and it’s not particularly hard to find.

Mental: Information +2, Awareness +1. The computer systems aren’t cutting-edge anymore, but there is a tremendous volume of information stored here, on various media, and, while the police are collectively apathetic, someone is likely to notice if anything is out of sorts here.

Social: Prestige +1, Stability +2. The neighborhood’s quiet and decent, while the police are tight-knit and reflexively close ranks against potential threats.

Haven Qualities: Location 1, Security 4, Size 4. There’s little feeding to be had here, but the station is huge, with a lot of unused, yet secure, space, both on the second floor and underground.

Power Plant
Description: One of a scattered cluster of huge buildings along the marsh, the power plant itself is difficult to distinguish at first glance. A high chain-link fence is capped with razor wire, but there are at least a few gaps in the weedy metal screen, here and there. The most distant of the buildings appears to be the newest, but all of them are lit, despite the fact that one or two — perhaps older power plants — look to be on the verge of collapse.

In Play: The ghoul of a favored member of the Primogen sits on the board of directors for the power plant. Not everyone esteems this particular Primogen, however, so the character is ordered to keep the Primogen safe from any “accidents” that might befall her while she’s on the grounds, as her Final Death (or a lengthy incapacitation) could easily compromise a significant resource of the dominant regime.

Physical: Access –2, Safety +2. The plant’s a bit off the beaten track and wrapped in secure-looking metal, but it’s not nearly as secure as it appears. To make up for the lack of security, the police have to regularly drive by the site. Despite its worn appearance, some of the more conscientious local police patrol the area.

Mental: Information +2, Awareness –1. The computer network here is decently up-to-date, but the security system could use some work, and the employees are more focused on the machinery than they are on people who don’t belong. All of this happens under
the hum of cooling units and the constant buzz of high voltage.

Social: Prestige –1, Stability +1. The neighborhood’s not much to look at, but a dedicated police presence keeps the locals’ spirits up. The locals don’t want this place turning into a slum, so they protect it as they can.

Haven Qualities: Location 1 max, Security 2 or more, Size up to 4. An enterprising and discreet Kindred could easily haven in one of the abandoned buildings here, provided that he didn’t much care about the condition of the place or its access to feeding. There are few people here.

Sewers I
Description: The smell is everywhere — a malodorous reek that crawls up into the nostrils and dies there. The stench is thick enough to taste on the air. Rats and cockroaches scuttle along in every shadow. Dingy water drips from the massive concrete tubing and strange, pale gray moss clings to some of the seams at which one section connects to the next. Odd, distorted noises occasionally echo faintly through the network of tunnels.

In Play: Something, neither human nor Kindred, dwells in the remotest passages of the sewers, and the character’s job is to keep peace with the unknown entity. It is never seen, communicating through a raspy, breathless voice that always sounds as though it is coming from the next tunnel over. The entity’s rare demands, so long as they don’t threaten the local Kindred population, are to be met in a timely manner.

Physical: Access –2, Safety –2. The sewers are often cramped and twisted, and difficult to safely access. The rats and roaches are everywhere, and can be quite aggressive, while sinkholes and other perils lurk below the filmy surface of the fouled water that flows through the tunnels.

Mental: Information –4, Awareness –3. Nothing human dwells down here, and there is no access to information beyond the occasional water-stained flyer or newspaper. No one really cares what goes on in the sewers.

Social: Prestige –4, Stability –3. It’s a sewer; it’s safe to assume that anyone down here is dangerous and quite possibly unfit for life on the surface.

Haven Qualities: Location 2, Security 3, Size 5. The network of tunnels is massive, offering access to some decent feeding grounds, while the unsafe nature of the sewers paradoxically makes them relatively secure.

Description: Taking up a large city block all to itself, the campus of this university is crowded with a profound diversity of young people, even well into the night. The architectural style of the campus is a cacophony of old and new, as aging buildings are replaced with more recent construction. Asphalt lanes weave through the grass and between the trees that span the lengths of the grounds.

In Play: The character’s task is to cover up the rare student disappearance. For the most part, the young men andwomen who are taken to feed the ranking elite of the Kindred court turn up days later with patchwork memories of their “adventure,” but someone occasionally overfeeds, and investigations must be deflected from the Masquerade.

Physical: Access +2, Safety +1. The university is easily reached by train, bus or car, and is only rarely the site of violent crime (beyond the occasional drunken fistfight, that is).

Mental: Information +4, Awareness +1. In addition to the customary informational resources, students are also more than happy to talk about what’s going on, and the layout of campus is very open and secure.

Social: Prestige +1, Stability –1. This is a nice neighborhood, but some of the students can occasionally be a little rowdy and rebellious.

Haven Qualities: Location 5, Security 3, Size 2. Feeding is plentiful here, and while havens tend to be small,
they are often quite well protected.

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