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Name Domino —-
Clan Nosferatu Status 1
Covenant Ordo Dracul Status 3
City Boulder Status 4
Coterie Crimson Spiders Obsidian Order
Sire cell-content cell-content
Notable Traits Wear a Mask cell-content
Known Facts

Has fought the Brood in Milwaukee
Eliminated all Brood presence in Boulder
He has kept the Masquerade breaches with availiable resource to nil for the past 2 years as sheriff
He has stepped down from Sheriff in Oct 08.
Has destroyed 9 unlawful embracing kindred as of the end of October 2008
Has good relations with the Lupines


Arising out of the Mist of time, Domino has entered the city of Boulder, CO. There he has integrated himself into the folds of Kindred Society. He studied the kindred within the boundaries of Boulder, who was who, where many fed. He roamed and familiarize himself with the city.
As the city was still adjusting to Prince Rita Moorehead praxis, a gathering was called, which all Ordo Dracul members were called to attend if possible, he needed to reintegrate himself back into the Covenant, who was around still, at least alive and awake. A Milwaukee was the city, he found it, traveled. He kept to himself mostly. Till one ask if he'll help take care of a problem, he agreed. He was introduce to the Steeleford twins. A few others which time did not allow to be friendly like.
He watched the city become embroiled with breaches, random embraces, Elysium violated and chaos. The city was barely at the edge of damnation under the Carthian Prince Rita Moorehead. Threats of other covenant on the horizon, relation with other cities high in tension. The sheriff hands tied by the decrees of the Prince. That is until he claimed Praxis.
Viktor Bratovich succeeded in his Praxis and started changes, placing people to do the job and return the city back to a peaceful stability. Once the plan was in action, Masq's breaches were quelled, violator punished. No more Elysium violations, as he(Domino) was made Master of Elysia and Sheriff.
The hunt began on the illegal embraces of wandering or rogue Kindred. Soon, even these intruders were hunted and killed. Loose ends cleaned up, and order was once more restored and enforced. The city was peaceful along the lines of Kindred ties. Relations with other cities improved vastly. And the only thing left was Mortal stupidity.
July 2008: Prince Daniel Patrick Donghehan has taken praxis of Boulder, increasing his territory and domain to parts of Northern CO. He came to Boulder, seeking the Invictus Alex Tell, Sensechal of Boulder for trying to kill him in Colorado Springs. Prince Bratovitch refuses and tensions escalates. A Struggle ensue, Prince Bratovitch falls, lossing his Domain and falls into torpor.
August 2008: Dr March of the Invictus is Prince Regent of Boulder and been given absolute rule of the Domain. He starts to set his court, primogen council disbanded.
September 2008: Every single Elysia is taken by mortal events. Suicide Bomber attacks Prince Marsh at a alternative gathering location(non Elysia.
October 2008: There is no sheriff, Domino steps down as Sheriff and Master of Elysia for personal reason.
November: A praxis seizsure is attempted, Prince Marsh escape. Masquerade breaches ensue, Padre Espinalda of the Lancea Sanctum, Kent of the Lancea Sanctum, Canon of the Lancea Sanctum all break the Masqerade, mortals film the events.
December 2008: With multiple masquerade breeches, the Hunt for the Ordo Dracul for Poe continues. After 6 months of no success, they charge Domino with briging him in. He assures them it an impossible task, but so be it. Not finding him, he departs Boulder till things calm down.
January2009: Lupine visit bringing a message "Stay the F*ck out of our territory". No one knows how to contact the Lupnes. Prince Daniel Patrick Donghehan is slain like a mangy dog in Denver by the Lancea and Crones.
February 2009: All three cities of Colorado has new Princes. Denver: Bishop Kirsten Williams of the Lancea, Boulder: Doctor Marsh of the Invictus, Colorado Springs: Olrich of the Crones
March 2009:

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