History Timeline

The timeline below is comprised of important events in Boulder history both mundane and supernatural.

Prior to settlement by Europeans, Boulder was the home of the Southern Arapahoe tribe who maintained a village near Haystack Mountain. Utes, Cheyennes, Comanches, and Sioux were occasional visitors to the area.

* 1858

Gold is discovered in Dry Creek (Englewood), stimulating the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. October 17, 1858, first permanent Anglo-European Settlers arrived at mouth of Boulder Canyon.

* 1859

First reported gold discovery in mountains of Colorado at Gold Run [Gold Hill area].

* February 10, 1859, the Boulder City Town Company was organized by A.A. Brookfield, the first president, and 56 shareholders. Four thousand forty-four lots were laid out at a purchase price of $1,000 each, a price that was later lowered in order to attract more residents.

The first irrigation ditch in Boulder County dug. Coal discovered in Marshall area southeast of Boulder. Jim Baker mined surface coal near Lafayette and sold it in Denver.

* 1860

The Wellman brothers planted the first wheat crop in Boulder County. The first schoolhouse in Colorado built strictly for educational purposes was erected in Boulder on the southwest corner of Walnut and 15th. The Ward Mining District was formed; named after Calvin Ward. Andrew J. Macky erected the first frame building in Boulder on the northeast corner of 14th and Pearl. First Post Office built in what is now the Mason building. A group of Boulder residents began lobbying to have the University located in Boulder.

* 1861

Boulder remains part of the Nebraska Territory until February 28, 1861, when the Territory of Colorado was created by the U.S. Congress. Treaty of Fort Wise signed with leaders of several bands of Arapahos and Cheyennes "extinguishing their land title" in Colorado except for a reserve in Southeast Colorado.

* 1862

Boulder County is formed. Congress passed the Homestead Act which said a homesteader had only to be the head of a household and at least 18 years of age to claim a 160 acre parcel of land.

* 1864

Joseph Marshall erected a small blast furnace and produced pig iron from the local hematite southeast of Boulder. Boulder and Longmont's Company "D" of the 3rd Colorado Volunteer Cavalry involved in the November Sand Creek Massacre.

* 1865

The town of Valmont [contraction of "valley" and "mountain"] plotted; it soon rivaled Boulder in size and commercial activity.

* 1866

Boulder County's first newspaper, the Valmont Bulletin, began publication on New Years Day. The Congregational Church in Boulder built. Valmont Presbyterian Church built.

* 1867

Boulderites entice editor of Valmont Bulletin to move his newspaper to Boulder where it was renamed the Boulder Valley News. The town of Ryssby formed, which would later become a Swedish enclave. Silver discovered at Caribou re-igniting the mining boom. Boulder Post 005 of the Grand Army of the Republic is formed Longmont Post 006 of the Grand Army of the Republic is formed

* 1869

The first county fair in Colorado Territory opened in Boulder on 12 October 1869. Lured by the prospect of free land promised under the Homestead Act, the first Swedish newcomers arrived in Left Hand Valley during 1869 and later filed homesteads. The Boulder County Pioneer succeeds the Boulder Valley News, only to be succeeded by the Boulder County News in turn.

* 1871

Boulder City is incorporated. Longmont settled by the Chicago-Colorado Colony.

* 1873

Railroad service coming to Boulder Colorado First Hospital

* 1874

The first mill and smelter [Boyd Mill] erected in Boulder Martha Maxwell opened her Rocky Mountain Museum on Pearl Street. Her taxidermy collection became centerpiece of Colorado's exhibit at 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. Telegraph Available Water System created First Bank

* 1875

Niwot platted.

* 1876

The first high school graduation class in Territory of Colorado was in Boulder. Colorado became the 38th state 01 August 1876.

* 1877

The University of Colorado opened. State Preparatory School founded as part of University because of a lack of adequately prepared high school graduates.

* 1878

Mary Rippon appointed first woman professor at CU. The first mayor of Boulder, Jacob Ellison, was elected for a two month term in 1878.

* 1880

The Boulder telephone exchange opened with 25 subscriptions. Boulder's population had passed the 3,000 mark

* 1882

The University's first graduating class consisted of six members. The cornerstone for the old Boulder County Courthouse on Boulder's old town square was laid on 04 July 1882. Pine Street School [Whittier School] opened. Stone Church in Ryssby, Colorado was built by the Swedish population there.

* 1883

The Greeley, Salt Lake, and Pacific railroad completed between Boulder and Sunset; extended service to mountain communities. First courthouse at its present site in 1883.

* 1884

Joseph B. "Rocky Mountain Joe" Sturtevant began to record the early history of Boulder county by taking photographs between 1884 and 1910.

* 1887

The Simpson Mine, a rich coal mine, opened in Lafayette and was a major factor in subsequent economic development of community. J. Empson and Daughter vegetable cannery founded in Longmont.

* 1889

"Old" Broomfield began to develop when railroad depot and post office were relocated after standard gauge replaced narrow gauge tracks one mile to the east. Mapleton School in Boulder opened.

* 1890

New Boulder train depot dedicated at 14th and Water St [Canyon Blvd]. The Boulder Camera founded. Became daily the next year.

* 1892

Mount Saint Gertrude Academy opened as the first private school in Boulder.

* 1893

Silver standard is removed.

* 1894

The Boulder Creek "100-year" flood damaged the town.

* 1895

State Preparatory School moves into its own building at 17th and Pearl.

* 1896

Colorado Sanitarium, a branch of Dr. J.H. Kellogg's Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan, dedicated in Boulder. 7th day Adventists were behind this, and the building stood where the Boulder Community Hospital is now. http://www.boulder.lib.co.us/cpdfs/328-145-02a.pdf

* 1897

Chautaqua Auditorium created

* 1898

Boulderites approved $20,000 bond election for Texas-Chautauqua Auditorium opened on 04 July 1898. The Colorado & Northwestern Railroad route between Boulder and Ward named "The Switzerland Trail of America" by a Greeley man.

* 1899

Tungsten discovered. Boulder County became world's leading producer of tungsten by World War I. Boulder's request for 1,800 acres of mountain backdrop/watershed extending from South Boulder Creek to Sunshine Canyon approved by U.S. Congress.

* 1900

The first automobile seen in Boulder was in June, 1900. By 1906, there were 26 registered auto cars, or "mankillers". Summer home of John and Kate Harbeck completed; now a Boulder landmark, present-day home of the Boulder Museum of History. Disastrous fire destroyed central Ward. Lafayette business district burned.

* 1903

Great Western Sugar Co. company founded to process sugar beets in Longmont, CO.

* 1904

City ordinance made it "unlawful for any person to ride or drive within Boulder at a rate of speed in excess of 6 miles per hour".

* 1906

Carnegie library opened at 1125 Pine Street in Boulder. Ed Tangen took the first of his 16,000 photographs capturing the history of Boulder County from 1906 to 1951. Curran Opera House opens at 1132-34 Pearl Street.

* 1907

Boulder passed anti-saloon ordinance. Three were killed and the Boulder freight depot blown up when a union brakeman set fire to burn out scab switchmen asleep in a caboose. Fire spread to a freight car loaded with 2,400 pounds of dynamite.

* 1908

First run of electric Interurban train from Denver to Boulder. Adolph J. Zang's 4,000 acre ranch occupied a large percentage of what is now the City of Broomfield and Jefferson County Airport. World's largest tungsten mill built north of Nederland. Ivy Baldwin made a record breaking high wire walk on a cable stretched 565 feet high across Eldorado Springs canyon. Ten thousand pumpkin pies, thirty thousand sandwiches, and 75 barrels of coffee were served at Longmont's Annual Pumpkin Pie Days.

* 1909

The Boulderado Hotel opened for business on New Years Day. - "Baseball Billy" Sunday, the "World's Greatest" Evangelist, held a crusade in Boulder. (LS) The Union Pacific Railroad introduced a self-contained forty-two passenger rail car on the Denver-Boulder route. The 78 foot car was powered by a six cylinder gasoline engine, had seats of "unusual width", oval windows that could be opened for fresh air, and a compartment for smokers.

* 1910

3,000 coal miners in Boulder County go on strike; lasted five years.

* 1911

The daily stagecoach between Boulder and Nederland replaced by Stanley Steamer. Western States Cutlery and Manufacturing Company founded in Boulder.

* 1914

Charles C. Buckingham family donated Boulder Falls site to the City of Boulder. US Army occupied Louisville during coal miner's strike. Grasshopper infestation destroys farms around Ryssby, Colorado.

* 1915

William F. Cody met with old friends in Boulder while in town with the Sells-Floto Circus/Buffalo Bill's Original Wild West Show. Enos Mills, Father of Rocky Mountain National Park, succeeded in stimulating legislation that resulted in establishing Park.

* 1916

The Colorado Chautauqua Bulletin reported "We Call it the Colorado Chautauqua, but it might as well be called the Colorado Music Festival".

* 1917

The University of Colorado faculty voted to approve one of the first Reserve Officer Training [ROTC] programs in the nation. The paving of Boulder streets began on 11 September 1917 when the first concrete was poured near the corner of 18th and Pearl.

* 1918

Boulder Day Nursery founded as one of the earliest day care centers in the nation. Spanish influenza resulted in 41 deaths in Nederland and a quarantine in Boulder.

* 1919

Switzerland Trail train scrapped. Lions Club erected Panorama Park Shelter House on Flagstaff Mountain and donated it to the City of Boulder; this began a half-century of the Club's providing park facilities to the city.

* 1920

Boulder Boy Scouts, led by Ralph Hubbard, performed Indian dances before the British Royal Family, King Albert, and the Olympics in Antwerp. Census of 10,000

* 1921

Hellems was the first building completed in the "Rural Italian" or "Tuscan" style [sandstone and red roof tiles] on the University of Colorado campus.

* 1922

Florence C. Molloy and Mabel N. Macleay operated a taxi and touring company in Boulder. KKK paraded down Pearl Street.

* 1923

Massive Flood in Longmont. Construction began on the Lakeside [Valmont] Power Plant, the "largest industrial project in the history of Boulder County". It is still considered one of the most efficient plants in Public the Public Service Company [now EXCEL]. Police officer, Elmer Cobb, was murdered. Case remains unsolved. Hygienic Swimming Pool [Spruce Pool] opened using warm water produced from the manufacture of ice at adjacent Hygienic Ice Company.

* 1924

The University of Colorado Stadium [Folsom Field] completed in time for Homecoming. Church in Ryssby is abandoned

* 1925

Fire destroyed Bleecker and Company plant at 3rd and Arapahoe in Boulder. Plant manufactured luminous paint and "Zero Hour Bombs" (a time bomb for oil wells, later fishing reels) KKK gains control of Longmont City Council in election, and marches down Main St. in costumes. They begin work on the Chimney Rock Dam above Lyons.

* 1927

Fred C. Smith of Boulder set a worlds record for continuous automobile driving of 104 hours and 8 minutes. KKK voted out of office in Longmont, and Chimney Rock Dam is abandoned.

* 1928

Boulder Municipal Airport founded

* 1930

Former President of the Women's Christian Temperance Union arrested for selling homemade intoxicants to university students. She led movement that closed Boulder saloons in 1907.)

* 1931

Last run of Boulder's electric street cars

* 1932

Old Boulder County Courthouse burns down. (Vampire war)

* 1933

The largest still "ever found in Northern Colorado" uncovered on Gunbarrel Hill east of Boulder. In 1933, the arrest of a "dope ring" specializing in marihuana, in Longmont, Colorado, prompted the remark from one journalist that marihuana was "highly intoxicating and constitutes an ever recurring problem where there are Mexicans or Spanish-Americans of the lower classes."

* 1934

CCC boys finish Flagstaff Mt. amphitheater First Pay Dirt Pow Wow celebration Current Boulder County Courthouse built after fire in 1932.

* 1935

Three nuns sent from Eichstätt Germany to Boulder Colorado to found the St. Walburga Abbey.

* 1936

Early morning explosion in Monarch #2 kills eight coal miners Boulder Theater opened in renovated Curran Opera House

* 1937

First traffic light installed in Boulder at the corner of 12th (Broadway) and Pearl. New WPA-built Boulder High School opened. Nude sculptures of "Wisdom and Strength" [Minnie and Jake] over entrance allowed to remain despite controversy.

* 1938

Byron "Whizzer" White, later Rhodes Scholar and U.S. Supreme Court Justice, became CU's first All-American football player. 1939 Flatiron Golf course (called boulder golf club)

* 1940

Census of 12,000 WWII - location of the U.S. Navy's Japanese language school at CU Boulder.

* 1944

Glenn Miller's plane went down. Boulder Historical Society organized. History museum proposed in new Municipal Building.. –

* 1947

Boulder Masonic Lodge burned to the ground, on the corner of Pearl Street and 14th (across from the Boulder County Courthouse).

* 1950

Census of 20,000

* 1951

Denver-Boulder Turnpike opened. National Bureau of Standards broke ground for Radio Propagation Laboratories in Boulder.

* 1952

Engine #30 of Switzerland Trail RR placed in Central Park. Secret Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Factory opens 8 miles south of Boulder .

* 1957

Railroad passenger service to old depot in downtown Boulder ends.

* 1959

PLAN-Boulder organized and secured passage of "Blue Line" to prevent development along mountain backdrop.

* 1962

Valverdan Park renamed Scott Carpenter Park in honor of Scott Carpenter, a NASA astronaut, from Boulder, who manned the Aurora 7.

* 1965

Crossroads mall built. The IBM plant along the Boulder-Longmont Diagonal triggered growth.

* 1967

Boulder voters were first in the nation to approve a tax to purchase and preserve open space for a greenbelt around the community. Boulder votes approved sale of intoxicating beverages after 60 years. Regularly scheduled railroad passenger service ends in Boulder. Denver-Boulder Turnpike became toll free; the debt was paid off early. (Masquerade breach)

* 1969

Boulder's Central Park declared health hazard because of transients. Mount Saint Gertrude Girls School closed. Celestial Seasonings, now a worldwide tea company, was founded by Mo Siegel of Boulder.

* 1970

CU's Regent's Hall occupied by youthful anti-war demonstrators.

* 1971

""Alyssa Rowen Circle of Crone Daeva becomes Prince"" Boulder adopted a fifty-five foot height limitation for new buildings.

* 1972

Demolition of Central School stimulated growth of Historic Boulder, Inc. and the adoption of a City Landmark Ordinance. Turnpike interchange at 28th Street occupied by antiwar demonstrators. Census of 72,000

* 1975

Racial tensions white v. hispanic Boulder's Flatirons School bombed. Bomb explodes in car at Burger King in Boulder killing three. Bomb explodes in Chautauqua killing three. Bomb outside of CU-Police Bomb outside Hall of Justice at Boulder Court House

* 1975

Red Zinger Bicycle Classic Race, started by Celestial Seasonings, first raced through Boulder. Lasted 5 years until it became sponsored by Adolph Coors Co.

* 1976

Boulder votes approved a 2% growth limitation referendum, known as the Danish Plan. Pearl Street Mall closed to automobile traffic, pedestrian mall opens.

* 1978

The forty-five year old Pow Wow Days are held for the last time in Boulder. Moved to Longmont and Louisville before its demise in 1982.

* 1979

Bolder Boulder, a 10 kilometer road race on Memorial Day, run for the first time through the streets of Boulder.

* 1986

St. Walburga Abbey becomes independent from Abbey of St. Walburg in Eichstätt.

* 1987

Dushnabe Tea House shipped to boulder -

* 1980

Kinetics Conveyance Race first held at the Boulder Reservoir Great Western Sugar Beet Factory abandoned in Longmont, CO

* 1989

Tom Czech, a CU professor, and Sidney Altman, a CU graduate, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

* 1997

Tea House, sent from Boulder's sister city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan, erected on 13th Street east of Central Park, after much discussion as to where it should be placed. St. Walburga Abbey moves from Boulder to Virginia Dale, Colorado.

* 1998

Mount Saint Gertrude Academy fails to be reopened as a retirement community.

* 2004

Crossroads Mall demolished after a year of standing empty.

Current Population of Boulder county in 2004 is approximately 241,274, with about 86,969 in the City of Boulder, another 56,065 in the City of Longmont, 26,296 in Broomfield, 15,995 in Lafayette, 14,356 in Louisville and the remainder dispersed throughout the smaller towns of Lyons, Nederland, Ward, Jamestown, Superior and Erie and unincorporated areas, including the communities of Niwot, Gunbarrel and Allenspark.

* 2005:

The city is still in the hands of Alyssa Rowena, Crone Prince. Elysium was located at the following places: Pearl St. Mall, Art Museum, Natural History Museum, and the Hospital.

Within a few months, Prince Rowena began showing signs of irrationality and was killed, by whom it is not known.

Rita Moorehead, a Carthian, stepped forward and claimed Praxis.

With this, several notable Kindred departed or disappeared. Among them numbered Catalin Rousseau of the Invictus, Gua-yin Peng of the Order Dracul, and Barnabas Levi of the Lancea Sanctum.

Dr. Ronald Mar, the childe of Alyssa Rowena, leaves the city for Denver.

Alexander Poe became Seneschal, Marcus Dressler remained as Keeper of Elysium, Mister Ramius was made Sheriff, Kilena Matthews became Hound, Erick of the Unaligned was made lesser Hound.

Rook of the Ordu Dracul is staked by Alexander Poe. Samuel Valmont leaves the city for Denver. Grok of the Unaligned arrives in Boulder.

In late 2005, Moorehead embraces a childe, Clarence. Kilena does the same, with Emily Wade. Mr. Ramius frenzies in a police station, killing many officers. As a result, he is executed by Moorehead for breaching the Masquerade.

Dillon West becomes Sheriff.

Anne Regan leaves the city. Adam Trick leaves the city. Emily Wade leaves the city.

* 2006

The reign of Prince Moorehead continues.

Solomon ben Jacob departs the city. Grok joins the Invictus. Charley of the Carthians leaves the city.

Kilena is sent to the Invictus in disgrace Jonas Grey given to the Crone of Denver in the same state.

Clarence leaves the city. Jane Wydick leaves the city. Anoush of the Carthians comes to Boulder.

Baron Andreas Mikilos Nadasdy of the Crone comes to town, only to be killed by the Tong shortly thereafter. Echohawk of the Crone arrives.

Mariah of the Lancea comes to Boulder, so does Joe Earl of the Unaligned.

Zhen-hui, a ghoul from China, arrives and is taken under the wing of Victor Bratovich of the Ordo Dracul. Echohawk of the Crone leaves the city.

Joeseph Tibault of the Carthians arrives. Grok leaves the city of Boulder, but visits occasionally.

Rumors of war between Boulder and Colorado Springs begin to send clangors through the Requiem.

Dillon West is removed from the office of Sheriff, and Victor Bratovich promoted to both Sheriff and Hound. Erick remains as Lesser Hound.

Rafferty of the Lancea arrives with his ghoul, Joe Bader. Azlana Cheval of the Crone arrives. Adele of the Unaligned arrives. Domino of the Ordo Dracul arrives. Dr. Evangeline King of the Ordo Dracul arrives. Thibault Henri Corbin D'Aquitaine of the Invictus arrives.

Fearing an impending attack by Colorado Springs, many Carthians visit Boulder. No war breaks out.

Zhen-hui is embraced, sire unknown. She renames herself as Feng-Lien D'Esclepier.

The city of Boulder begins construction of the 29th St Walking Mall, after Razing the old 28th St Mall.

* 2007:

Quinn Goodson of the Invictus arrives. Rafferty is killed in an attack by VII. Joe Bader leaves the city. Zhen-Sai, the former regnant of Zhen-hui, kills Gustav von Ritter of Colorado Springs in jealousy. Daniel Brooks of the Ordo Dracul arrives. Rook is unstaked by Alexander Poe. Echohawk leaves.

Prince Moorehead is not seen for several months, and then begins to behave irrationally. She is staked upon Elysium by Victor Bratovich in a Praxis challenge. So too is Marcus Dressler, Keeper of Elysium.

Lord Bratovich claims Praxis.

Thibault Henri Corbin D'Aquitaine is named Chamberlain(Seneschal) Feng-Lien D'Esclepier is named Minister (Harpy) Domino is named Knight(Sheriff+Hound+Keeper of Elysium) Azlana Cheval was named as a lesser Hound.

Boulder completes construction of the 29th St Mall.

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