Vampire the Requiem


There's Music in the Night


As the sun fades into memory and the world falls into darkness,
haunting notes of the Danse Macabre echo,
calling the undead to play their nightly games.
Form turf wars in the streets to cutting remarks at society parties,
old grudges spill fresh blood as the Damned vie for power and prominence.
It's a world without pity, a world of predators.
Now that you're one of them, it's your world too.
-MET Requiem

Nestled at the base of the Front Range sits Boulder. Seated as a crowning jewel of knowledge and mystery; is its college campus. It is a place to work and play. To some it is also rumored to be cursed, the very heart of evil! Unbeknownst to most of its mortal residence, lies a world unseen amidst them; a world of corruption and darkness. Boulder sits as a nexus at a mystical crossroads. Strange and bizarre occurrences seem almost the norm.
The Vampires of the city play out their Machiavellian politics. They influence the mortal populace in a perverse shadow war. They proclaim themselves the ultimate predators and Princes of the night. But Vampires aren’t the only thing that goes bump in the night. Some even prey on the vampires.
How will the vampires Requiems be affected when evil knocks on their door? Will the mortals finally rise against the danse macabre? Or will something more sinister give birth and enslave the requiem for its own amusment?

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The city of Boulder has maintained the traditional Court of Kindred society through out its history. While the Covenants have exchanged the mantle of leadership of the city over the years, not even the Carthians changed the feudal monarchy of a Prince.
The current Court of Boulder is:

Prince: Sir Prince Charles David Beckett, OBW
Senechal: Vacant
Sheriff: Brother Jebediah
Master of Elysium: Alder Esteban de la Cruz
Herald: Jackie Bringier
Harpy: Jackie Bringier


Cathian Movement

Circle of the Crone

Alder Esteban de la Cruz
Jackie Bringier

Lancea Sanctum
Brother Jebediah

Ordo Dracul

Nine Crows

Minor Covenant: Shadows of Set

Legio Mortum
Lt. Maximillian (NPC)

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