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The tape has made the rounds, passed from the hands of one vampire to another, spread by nomads the length and breadth of the United States. It’s thankfully grainy, the green and white of a cop car’s front video camera.
Even if you don’t know what you’re seeing, it’s alarming. It starts out as a standard State Trooper stop, though the guy who does the approach seems pretty cautious, pretty nervous. He gets up to the truck, starts talking, and then his whole posture changes. It’s a little bit of a jump, like you do when you’re startled — a double take, like when you see something but can’t make sense of it. There’s a physical stutter, the fumbling and uncertainty that happens when a brain is trying to figure out five things at once while the body insists on doing something Eventually, the training wins out and he goes for the gun, but too late.
Something black comes out the window, blurry in bad light and low resolution, a smear of pixels. Then you see the trooper’s striped pants legs kicking as the whole top of his body gets pulled into the truck window. His gun’s in his hand and it goes off into the blacktop, but his biceps are pinned and he can’t bring it to bear. His partner bolts for the truck, moving in and out of the frame, ending up out, off on the passenger side. The kicking legs stop. You just see muzzle flashes, the whole screen whiting out three times and then that black blur comes out the passenger side. You can freeze it, you can blow it up, you can try all your video lab resolution tricks, but nothing’s doing. It’s a shadow on a low-res videotape. It goes toward the shooting gun, and then there’s not much happening for what seems like a long, long time. (Forty-two seconds, in fact.)
At last, the climax. A woman swaggers back to the truck — black jeans, black duster or jacket with silver medallions, black cowboy boots and hat over long black hair. There’s no color in the image, but somehow you just know everything’s black. You don’t see her face — her hair sweeps in to hide it and the camera’s too far anyhow. The body moves with arrogant grace, swinging an ass you could bounce a quarter off, and yet… when she reaches out to haul herself into the open passenger-side door, the arm doesn’t move quite right. There’s plenty of power, from the ease with which she swings up and shoves the dead first trooper out the window, but the arm was… too short, oddly proportioned or stiff or something.
The troopers were responding to a report that a woman had assaulted a man and stolen his pickup truck. When the two cops were found, they were dead. The first’s throat was torn out, presumably by something with a point but no edge, like an icepick or a cargo hook. He’s assumed to have bled out on the floor mat of the stolen truck. The second suffered acrushing blow to his pistol arm and one to his ribcage. Thecoroner’s report speculates that he died of shock, since the blood loss from the stab wound under his sternum was all postmortem. One queer thing: a quantity of crow feathers were found, clutched in the second Trooper’s left hand.
The Kindred know what happened, of course. The Unholy happened.
Since apocryphal tales of her “first appearance,” Princes have called blood hunts on her. Smart tyrants try to keep track of her the way mortals track hurricanes. It’s good to anticipate its arrival, not because you can stop it or fight, but because you can hunker down.
She’s not a perfect enigma, of course. No one who’s piqued the curiosity of so many Mekhet and Nosferatu could keep everything hidden. Her clan (Gangrel) is known, and a few of her childer have been identified.
In 1983 she visited a Carthian court, politely introduced herself to the Prince and behaved herself for the two weeks she was there — seeming not to notice when the local Auspex expert found pretexts to handle her property. They didn’t learn much that way anyhow. They were able to confirm that her disfigurements are severe, though apparently limited to her arms. In 1891 she even got her mind read, though the elder who did it went torpid without fully explaining what he saw; his coded notes on the subject were stolen in 1927.
Carthian historians can show you a picture from 1859, a woman named Amelia Dunwood who suddenly departed for the western states early in the Civil War and promptly vanished from all record. Their theory, that Dunwood was a spy dispatched to keep California from entering the war in any meaningful way, seems pretty solid. Their assertion that she was Embraced and became the Unholy seems less of a sure thing.
The Lancea Sanctum, on the other hand, insists that the Unholy was Embraced at least a hundred years before Honest Abe Lincoln was even a gleam in his daddy’s eye. They have evidence (or they say they have evidence, though you have to be pretty high up in the hierarchy to see it or even hear what it is) that she was a native shaman with a Raven spirit as her totem. The Ordo Dracul believes much the same thing, only their twist is that (like Tepes) she was personally cursed and is a fundamental, non-Embraced vampire.
Even less plausible to mortal ears is the Circle theory that she was once an actual crow, turned human by the Black Arts and then Embraced. Her avian mutations are the result of her unspoiled animal spirit trying to throw off a curse intended for humankind. Oh, and they insist that she was Embraced long before the white men ever arrived in the Americas.
As for the Invictus, they don’t really give a damn who she was and where she came from. If she’s too crazy to remember that stuff, it doesn’t provide any kind of hold over her. They’d like her eliminated, but until they can harness a pack of Lupines or an Abrams tank for the job, they’re happy to just appease her, deflect her and try to do damage control.
Her fellow wanderers? They know a little more about her and a little less. They know she likes cocaine, that she carries a pair of pearl-handled revolvers she can’t shoot any more, they know she hunts alone but sometimes shows up for the last night of a rally. They know that she drinks human blood solely for the fun of it, and that a vampire who submits meekly to her fangs will not be killed — usually.
The wiser nomads reckon she’s found Golconda, that she is perfectly at peace with her damnation. The younger among them shudder at what this implies. (Vampire: the Requiem - Nomads pg 109-111)
Description: The Unholy cuts a tall figure. She’s 5’10” in cowboy boots, but she seems taller. She’s slender — shapely from the collarbones down — but she seems huge, like she fills up the whole room. She dresses like a cowboy. Not like someone who’s following country western fashion, she dresses like someone who rides horses and punches cattle for a living — worn, faded jeans, practical pointy-toed boots with just a little bit of flair around the stitching, a denim shirt under a jacket that’s leather or Levis. The black hat, always. Her arms are deformed along avian lines. They’re slender and crook in the wrong places and her hands have shrunken into claws. She can handle simple tools, but anything that really demands an opposable thumb or a stable grip is going to give her trouble.
The undersides of her arms and the tops of her forearms sport scrofulous black feathers. The feathers growing in her hair are better formed and glossier. With some beads, they almost look decorative. (Vampire: the Requiem - Nomads pg 109-111)

Clan: Gangrel


Sire: Unknown

Covenant: Unknown

Bloodline: You'll have to ask her if you can

Location: Nomad

Status: Unknown

Titles: Unknown

Status: Unknown

Coteries: Unknown



* Exodus Celestine - Deceased
* Luther "Lou" Garvey - Deceased



* Dallas - Deceased
* Raven - Deceased
* Bartholomew "Bat" Reynolds
* Dominion
* Amalie Shirley
* Rose Nevar

* Many…


* Derek Riven
* Vincent Celestine
* Kyle Yamashiro - Deceased
* Rico Barbosa
* Roderick Maxwell Stahl - Deceased
* Sarah "Hope" O'Neally
* Chilli
* Lena
* Many…



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* The Unholy is a rampant diablerist.
* The Unholy loves bunnies.
* The Unholy hunts down diablerists amongst the Gangrel.
* She has sired a number of childer, though one of them is anathema to the rest and has been hunted a number of times.
* She is or once was Anoushka, bride of Vlad Tepes.
* The Unholy has a secret master known as 'The Holy'
* The Unholy was once a traveling companion of a war monger named Kolinkar, though a dispute over the spoils split the two up and they have been fighting ever since.
* Rumor has it she has the ability to force the use of Protean in Gangrel.
* Rumor has it the Unholy has a plan for the Ravenscarred.
* Is said to be very fond of Rose Nevar, having gone so far as to have spared her life on numerous occassions.
* Parnellia Perkins was destroyed at the Unholy's claws.
* It is said The Unholy has been seeking out Timothy Dacey from Seattle for reasons unknown. A few speculate there is something about him that intersts her or intrigues her.
* The Kreisler followed the Unholy to a Gangrel gathering to document her outfit.
* When it is time to have the "Painter's In" it's time to get out of any city that the Unholy is even rumoured to have been in.
* Ask the Unholy how to make a 'Holy Bartender' …
* Rumored to have killed Leoninus and desecrated the Lancea Church he was in.
* Is allegedly being hunted by Cardinal Valeron Mayne Belotto…
* It's rumored that a small sect of European Kindred worship the Unholy as a living Goddess…
* The Gangrel of Tampa FL celebrate January 12 as The Unholy's brithday, the second most important date on the gangrel calendar
* The Unholy ran afoul of Jazz one night. They watched a movie and played some checkers.
* The Unholy has only ever been forced to flee from combat by two individuals: Urvi and Dr James BuffaloRun
* Diablerized her childe Exodus Celestine and his Childe Raven the alternate account of the story is that she ripped them limb from limb and ate their flesh. Either way its horrifying.
* Rose Nevar has looked through The Unholy's eyes, what she saw there she keeps to herself.


Love Song For A Vampire by Anne Lennox

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